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On council, I have strongly fought to limit the impact of tax and utility rate increases.


Advocated efficiencies to offset increasing operational costs.


Initiated action that helped lower Kitchener debt. 

Instrumental in ensuring better utilization of city assets. 



To help foster smart growth, I have been committed to supporting our local economy. 


My effort on shaping our Economic Development Strategy (Make It Kitchener 2.0) has promoted an environment that will attract more jobs, support local businesses and leverage on partnerships.



I have strived to strengthen our Ward 6 community.   Helped organize an annual Ward-Wide event.


Because strong communities are built by those who live in them, I began a process to recognize these great citizens. 


Supported development of a new community garden in Ward 6.


Dear Neighbour,


These past few years have been a tremendous challenge for our community, yet we have emerged stronger and together we have accomplished a lot.


As your City of Kitchener Ward 6 Councillor, I have been instrumental in shaping the City's Strategic Plan towards positive and sustainable growth, which has been mindful of our environment and limited urban sprawl.  I have provided advocacy for improved collaboration and cooperation with all orders of Government to tackle housing affordability and post-pandemic economic recovery.  I have been praised for my contribution on our Make It Kitchener 2.0 Economic Development Strategy.  


I have been responsive to concerns of residents, getting council to pass numerous measures that responded to citizen ideas and concerns.  I championed and ultimately helped create a City led program to tackle termite infestations.   Engaged with the community and advocated for redevelopment of Alpine Park, Country Hills Park and new amenities for McLennan Park.


With a proven record of being your advocate and representative on City Council, I will continue to put forward balanced ideas which help to improve our quality of life.  

I'm asking for your SUPPORT and VOTE on October 24th, 2022. 




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