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My contribution on Kitchener City Council has always been to establish a new standard for excellence for community involvement and improving services through increased efficiency.  I have maintained my efforts to ensure that Kitchener City Hall is sensitive to the quality of life of its citizens and also maintaining respect for their tax dollars.

During my time on Council, I have been Instrumental in shaping our city budgets and helped to bring any proposed increase, at or below the rate of inflation. 


In Ward 6, I have been responsive to concerns of residents, getting council to pass numerous measures to respond to citizen ideas and concerns.

These are some of the key motions I put forward that resonate my advocacy on Kitchener Council.  I’m proud to say that they were supported by council.



  • - Road Safety – Established a crossing guard at Block Line Blvd roundabout to address resident concerns.  Speed calming measures to tackle speeding, my August 2022 motion was supported by council for traffic review of Erinbrook neighbourhood in response to recent accident.

  • - Increased Storm Water Management Refund - Successfully advocated for increased resident rebate of Storm Water Management fee from a 9% to 20% refund.  This has helped to lessen the impact of the utility fee for Kitchener residents.


  • - New Funding for Arts and Sustainable Development Goals - Increased both funding and supportive space for our Arts and Cultural organizations, without increasing taxes.


  • - A New Community Garden and Outdoor Ice Rinks - Initiated steps for the City of Kitchener to enter into an agreement with area church regarding their vacant land. This lead to creation of new urban community garden and an outdoor ice rink in Erinbrook Neighbourhood.  Provided assistance to community group in Country Hills to help develop dynamics community space and garden in County Hills Park.   Supported Alpine Neighbourhood Association to seek public input and successful funding for an upcoming community garden at Alpine Park.


  • - Continued engagement with Country Hills Recreational Association -  Nurtured a strong working relationship with CHRA, from designing their logo - to relaying community demographics and input regarding recreational programming and for better utilization of Community Centre space. 

  • - Lowered the Tax Rate by Selling Solar Power - I took the opportunity in a previous year's budget process to ensure that revenues from the solar roof be diverted to help lower the tax base. This motion lowered the tax rate for that year by approximately 0.30 percent— a significant achievement.


  • - Paid Down the Debt - Committed to prudent capital spending which has significantly lowered Debt.   Put forward a motion directing funds from an unused reserve towards reducing debt impact.


  • - Improved McLennan Park - I was able to direct additional funding to McLennan Park.  I worked with staff to provide those amenities most desired by the community, the following improvements were recently added to the park:


1.   The trails on the west side of the park running from Blackhorne to both the Hydro corridor and playground were asphalted.  Creating a walking loop around the great lawn.


2.    Roughly a dozen benches and picnic tables were added to the park, some near the playground        and splash pad, along with a brand new picnic shelter beside the playground.   


3.    Over 100 trees were planted around the great lawn, playground and splash pad, to eventually          add shade and benefit the environment


4.    Lighting was added to the dog park.


  • - Reduced Taxes Through Alternative Revenue Sources - I have continually approached the budget by putting forth request to staff to find alternative revenue sources for council to consider. Often unique options have helped to reduce the tax levy and provided an opportunity to strategically allocate new funding to priorities such as Neighbours Day, Love My Hood, and Trails, all with minimal impact on taxpayers.


  • - Lowered Industrial Development Fees to Create Jobs - I suggested the reduction to the industrial development charges for new industrial development. Staff adopted this suggestion as part of the development charges by-law review process. Kitchener is now a better market for further development of our remaining industrial lands, this will help to create more manufacturing jobs.


  • - A New Public Consultation Process for Large Events - Public engagement for planning of first-time large events has improved with the motion that I brought forward which now requires public consultation before the use of City of Kitchener out door parks or facilities, for new large-scale events.


  • - Replaced Emerald Ash Trees - In previous years, Emerald Ash Bore had a significant impact to Ward 6 community.   I strongly advocated for the stumping of cut trees on our boulevards and I was also successful in allocate grant funding towards their replanting.

In Our Community


I place a great deal of importance in respecting our Citizens, respecting their voice and input, most importantly respecting their desire for a safe, vibrant and inclusive community.  My responsibilities as your Ward councillor are not limited only to work done at City Hall, but extend beyond that.


Here are a few of the actions I have taken around Ward 6 to help build a better place to live:

  • ​​- Ward 6 In Bloom Certificate of Recognition - Because strong communities are built by those who live in them, I began a process to recognize these great citizens.  It is our fellow neighbours who, by their individual actions, improve our surroundings and help to keep our streets looking so great. To recognize these exemplary citizens I started the Ward 6 in bloom certificate of recognition.

  • - Cinema Under the Stars – I have strived to build a responsive and involved Ward 6 community.  I helped organize a Ward-specific event called “Cinema under the Stars”, which has helped   to promote a collaborative relationship between the three Ward 6 neighbourhood associations.

  • - The Ward 6 Survey - Hand delivered to various different neighbourhoods over the years. The survey offered an opportunity to express your level of satisfaction and feedback on core city services, and input on further improvements.

  • - Door-to-Door Canvassing - To better integrate myself with the community and for you to provide your direct input at the convenience of your door. I have gone door-to door to many different neighbourhoods, to reach as many voices as possible.

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