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Ann and Joe

Alpine Village Ward 6

"I am very impressed with the amount of time you give to your ward, with regular meetings at County Hills Community Center, your involvement with the community associations in your ward and the attention you give individuals. Thanks for your tireless efforts."

Linda and Simon

Ward 6

"Thank you for the recognitions of our effort for building/maintaining the garden....Thanks for taking the time to see and recognize our work."

Michael G.

Ward 6

"I just wanted to say, I was very impressed with your professionalism, questions and energy surrounding this issue....I was happy to learn you are my councillor and wanted to thank you representing my interest."

Linda J.

"I am very appreciative that we have you, as our councillor..."

Alexis B.

"Thanks for knocking on my door today - it was great to meet you and talk community.  Glad we have such a proactive councillor"


Janet M.

Termites - "Thanks for fighting for us on this issue..."

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