"I will continue to lead and speak loud and clear for good governance with accountability, fiscal responsibility, economic development, and most important continued improvement to city services.”

 Today, we are at a pivotal crossroad in our Kitchener's history. As the revitalization 

of our downtown takes hold and we face the challenges of growth, council needs to 

continue making good choices that ensure our expansion is sustainable and 

benefits  all of us. With innovative ideas and hard work, we can continue to foster an 

environment that promotes strategic and sustainable growth that creates jobs and enhances our quality of life.  Helping to make Kitchener a prime example of economic vitality.


Though I am proud of what we've accomplished over the past four years, there is still much more to do in ensuring that Kitchener will be a vibrant, thriving city for years to come. Below you'll find the principles that I will follow to effectively represent you at Kitchener City Hall.


I will continue to work for Accountability, Fiscal Responsibility and greater Efficiencies at City hall.  I will advocate for issues affecting Ward 6 residents, for the improvement of city services and strong infrastructure.  I will maintain my efforts to provide strong, sensible economic development opportunities for Kitchener residents.




  • Issue regular updates on council proceedings while engaging citizens on the issues that affect them.


  • Highlight transparency and accountability on the use of public dollars.  Residents should have a thorough understanding of how their local government works and where their taxpayer money is being spent.


  • I have always valued the fact that you deserve to have your voice heard, and your concerns addressed.  I will continue to facilitate the Ward 6 Survey online, as a medium to get your prospect on the important issues.


  • Focus on measured approaches to ensuring everyone's voice is heard, and that services, issues and concerns are addressed with thoughtful, balanced solutions.



  • Limit future tax increases below the rate of inflation.


  • Encourage Council to remain diligent in our resolve to be fiscally responsible and to adopt prudent spending practices to ensure there is a limited future impact on Kitchener taxpayers.


  • Prioritize the budget to provide the necessary services to the citizens with limited impact to taxes and fees. 


  • Provide a continued and unique perspective on knowing the right balance on where to cut back, and where to invest.



  • Continue to promote the preservation of our employment lands and encourage the growth of our manufacturing employment cluster.


  • Promote and foster an environment that will attract new jobs and develop existing economic resources, maintain a strong commitment to both our Technology and Industrial Sectors 


  • Encourage common–sense and creative approach to finding affordable and effective solutions for economic development.



  • Providing citizens with the highest level of services at the lowest possible cost will be my top priority.


  • I will encourage innovation and efficiencies to identify potential savings and eliminate waste.


  • Support initiatives that promote smart development and balance the needs of the city while respecting neighbourhood residents.



  • Encourage and support changes that enhance the quality of our neighborhoods


  • Maintain my commitment to preserving open spaces, community trails and the residential character of our communities.


  • Support free Wi-Fi access in our major district parks.


  • Undertake review of traffic patterns and initiate steps that will strengthen pedestrian safety.



  • Help to ensure that city policy development is more accessible to residents on all city matters.


  • Continue to encourage volunteerism and increased citizen participation.


  • Community engagement will guide my work as your Councillor.  I will develop additional formats for you to communicate your concerns and opinions regarding innovative ways to strengthen and improve Ward 6 Neighbourhoods. 


  • Your voice will continue to be communicated in the Council chambers at Kitchener City Hall.  

With a proven record of being your advocate and representative on the city council, I will continue the fight to protect our quality of life, encouraged council to be mindful of the stresses felt by the average taxpayer and focus on creating new jobs. Together we will ensure your issues and the needs of our community will remain a primary focus.


On October 22nd, 2018, I look forward to your vote so that I can continue working with you as your representative at City Hall.